What Motivates Us

All of our work is rooted in the belief that all children should have the chance to succeed, regardless of where they live or their family's income. Our principles and core values grow out of that vision.

We believe:
The arts are essential to a complete education. 
Every child in Detroit deserves access to arts education. The arts are about transformation and imagining beyond what is known. Arts like improvisation prepare students for the future by teaching them to take risks, innovate and adapt to change. Lessons from these artistic experiences can be integrated into language arts, mathematics and science, subjects that rely on critical thinking and communication.
Building a growth mindset leads to sustainable success.
Grit and self-control are two character traits linked to long-term success in school, work and life. Improvisation helps students develop these traits by teaching them a growth mindset – the belief that our brains and talent are just a starting point, and that capability and accomplishment result when we practice and persevere.
Collaboration fosters mutual respect and communication.
Improvisation is about building respect and equity, a community where every voice is heard. Student improvisers learn the value of communication and collaborating for the benefit of the whole. This creates a ripple effect in their lives, transforming how they approach their peers, family and community.

How we work:
Creativity. We seek new ideas and welcome initiative. We are always looking for better ways to serve Detroit students and their communities.
Collaboration. We value the collective talents of our team, our partnerships with other organizations, and the students, teachers and parents we serve. We embrace diversity and are inclusive.
Credibility. We act with integrity, honor our commitments, and hold ourselves accountable for reaching our program and funding targets.
Commitment. We are passionate about our work, and dedicated to delivering high quality programs with a measurable impact.

We're on a mission to ensure Detroit kids have the tools they need to succeed at school and in life. Join our community of change-makers dedicated to that vision.