Why Improvise? Read on. Or watch the video.

Through The Improv Project we’re working to give Detroit’s young people tools to make meaningful change in their lives. These kids have big dreams and so much potential. We’re all about investing in their future. What our students say about improv.

Improv isn’t just for actors. Improvisation’s value extends beyond the stage into classrooms, workplaces, and our daily lives. Our students develop the ability to collaborate, listen, respect others’ views, and build positive relationships. They also gain confidence and learn what’s possible when they take risks, practice, and persevere. For many, improv class is the creative outlet that helps them find and express their unique voice. The best part? Our program evaluations show these lessons endure after improv class ends.

Our programs. The Improv Project offers a semester-long course and workshops year-round primarily to middle and high school students. We partner with schools and community organizations in Detroit and neighboring cities. Our partners choose from a theater-based improv program that also promotes literacy skills, and an applied improv program that fosters students’ social and emotional learning. The teaching artists who lead our classes have formal improv training and are experienced teaching improv to youth and young adults.

Most of our students live in underserved and low-income communities where funding for programs like ours is limited. This year we’ll teach nearly 1000 young people to improvise.

There’s evidence improv makes a difference. A three-year University of Michigan study of our programs shows that improv training is helping our students gain confidence, build valuable social skills, and overcome social anxiety. Our students’ teachers tell us these young improvisers attend school more regularly, participate in class, and are making academic progress.

We’re on a mission to make sure Detroit’s youngest residents have the tools they need to be successful at school, work, and in life. For $170 you can provide ten weeks of improv training to a child and give them the chance to do that. Donate Now.