Get Involved

We believe the arts are a vital part of any child’s education. Several studies show that involvement in the arts has measurable academic benefits and can help close the achievement gap that exists in under-resourced communities. Our students tell us learning to improvise has changed their lives in big and small ways: From the high school student who overcame her shyness about public speaking, to the middle schooler who is using improv skills to improve his writing.

You makeĀ the difference! Your donation helps us keep our programs free for the students with the greatest need.

How will your donation help?
Give 1 hour of improv instruction: $25
Support 1 student at 2 showcases: $45
Provide full tuition for 1 student: $170
Give 1 class to 15 students: $260



What else can you do to help?

Spread the word.

Tell your friends and family about our programs. Share our website with others who want to bring arts like improv to Detroit students.

If you know a teacher or student who wants to bring The Improv Project to their school, please contact us at

Join us. Get involved in the future of Detroit’s young people.