How can you be part of The Detroit Creativity Project? Come out and support us!

You can catch our students in action throughout the year at our Spring Showcase, Detroit Improv Festival, Michigan Renaissance Festival, and in special appearances at local theaters like Ant Hall. When these young improvisers are creating something out of nothing, the unexpected and inspiring always happens. Sitting in the audience, you’ll start wondering where you can sign up for an improv class.

Home for the holidays? The 313 and Friends of the Detroit Film Theatre join forces in December to celebrate the holiday season with a night of laughter for two great causes. In 2016 standup comedian, former SNL cast member, and Son of Zorn co-star Tim Meadows opened the show for The 313. The Detroit Free Press captured many memorable moments here.

Can’t make it to Detroit for these shows? Join us at the Improv:Detroit Style benefit in Los Angeles! And you can always support our programs directly by clicking here.