Every child should have the chance to succeed.

“I have learned to attack projects head on even when they are difficult.” 2012 DCP graduate

Most of us can point to people or experiences that helped direct our path from childhood, through school, and on to our careers and adult lives. Sure, we stumbled. But there was an enormous safety net to keep us moving forward.

Imagine how different your life would be without that support. Maybe you don’t have access to a good education because of where you live or your family’s income. Or you don’t have someone in your life who can help keep you engaged and on track. You may have to work to help support your family, or struggle daily just to get enough to eat.

How would you change things?

Many of Detroit’s neighborhood kids face some or all of these challenges, even though there’s a very real renaissance happening in the City’s center.


Now think about the numbers. Six out of ten school children in Detroit live in poverty. That rate increased 25 percent between 2008 and 2015. Only 1 in 10 children are proficient readers when they reach 3rd grade. And 1 in 4 won’t graduate from high school.

Unless something changes there is an enormous risk that in spite of all their potential, many of these youth will grow up and continue to live in poverty.


The Improv Project offers these young people the tools they need to change that story. For $170 in tuition, our students develop the ability to collaborate, listen to others’ views, build literacy skills, and learn to take risks in a safe, supportive setting. Their teachers tell us these young improvisers attend school more regularly, engage in class, and achieve stronger academic growth.

The best part is that these lessons and your impact endure long after improv class ends. Please make a decision to help. Donate Now.


Get to know us. We are a nonprofit organization that follows a 100% model.

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